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We've created a database and photographic inventory on more than half the 18th & 19th century churches in the state and add to it each month. We welcome and solicit all contributions and suggestions from our visitors.

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   About the book

There are 69 surviving churches (including one ruin) erected in Warren County before 1900; all are included in this 269 page volume, published in 2008.
     The book is available in paperback, containsmore than 160 black-and-white illustrations (some of which can be seen on this site), a glossary of architectural terms, a brief outline of the religious denominations operating in 18th and 19th century New Jersey, index, and bibliography. There is an extended introductory essay, outlining the historical and cultural factors that shaped the churchscape, including construction types, architectural styles and why the churches are located where they are. The body of the book is arranged chronologically, so the reader can see the development of regional and national architectural styles, as well as trace the effect of the rising affluence in the region.
      My intent was to make it the definitive work on the topic; given the fact that there are essentially no bookstores in Warren County, the likelihood of a competitive book is slim—so if old churches are your interest, this will be the book for you. The book sells for $27.50 and is available from Amazon. Eventually the public libraries in the county will have copies. Here's a direct link to the publish-on-demand affiliate of Amazon where you may order the book, or to Amazon itself, where the book is also available.




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