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Christian Church
Route 94, just south of Monroe, Sussex County


This interesting Greek Revival-influenced wooden frame building was being restored as I came upon it in the fall of 2002. In the winter of 2004 it was identified by a visitor to the website as a Christian (Campbellite) church. That denomination, which eventually became the United Church of Christ, flourished in the western areas of the state (and in Pennsylvania where it got its start) between 1826 and the 1860s. In addition to this building, there are four surviving Christian churches in Warren County, and three each in Hunterdon and Somerset. None exist, to my knowledge, anywhere else in the state.
     Judging by the style of the building, it was probably erected in the 1850s or, at the latest, the 1860s. About half the Christian churches adopted the tradition of two entrances, although I don't know if that was a style matter or if they were observed the tradition of separate entrances for men and women. With the exception of a Christian church in Somerset, this is the only wooden frame structure; stucco-over-stone appears to have been the preferred construction material.




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