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St. Teresa of Avila Church

Summit, Union County
Morris Avenue
founded 1862, built 1886

St TeresaSt. Teresa has undergone some changes since it was originally erected—probably before 1886, when the present two-towered version was built. Ricord says the stone addition was added to an earlier frame church. Based on an old photograph it appears the left tower was truncated; The fenestration is the same, but the entry porch is new. The flat roofs of the towers suggest an Italianate influence, but there are five sizes of the windows, and the two larger ones as well as the entrance are Tudor arches rather than Romanesque as one might expect of an Italianate design. Notice that there are no buttresses nor any tracery in the windows. I suspect the building has had a series of renovations and additions, which accounts for the lack of any coherence.
It stands across the street from its imposing successor.