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Stanhope Presbyterian Church
Stanhope, Sussex County


The design of this small Presbyterian church in Stanhope is interesting. The building committee opted for a Greek Revival motif during the height of its popularity, but the pediment, cornice and the pilasters are given considerably more emphasis than traditional Greek Revival, and what look at first glance to be Gothic-arch windows are, in fact, triangular arches, which were both less expensive to build and more appropriate to the over-all design. The entry porch, a 1957 addition, is another departure from Greek Revival but works rather well here. The only discordant note is the pitch of the roof on the belfry, which should be much shallower in keeping with Greek Revival (but that's a minor matter.) . All that suggests that no architect was involved in the design of the church, but a local builder who was reasonably savvy.
     A large number of the original congregation were members of the church in Succasunna, who petitioned for recognition of a church in Stanhope; until 1844 the congregation met in the local schoolhouse.


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