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Salem Orthodox Friends Meetinghouse

Salem, Salem County
West Broadway
founded 1676, built 1837

Like many of the Friends' societies, Salem's split in what has come to be known as the Hicksite schism in 1828. The Orthodox group disowned (expelled) the Hicksites, but as they were in the minority, ultimately they had to leave. For several years they met in the Friends schoolhouse, but Tvaryanas says they purchased a lot opposite the Salem Oak in 1837 and built a small brick meetinghouse. Jaquett erroneously calls it a "wooden frame house" but correctly notes its location on West Broadway and that it was used for about 75 years. There is a date stone high in the east gable confirming the construction date. The dormers are a later modification, of course, but the entrance porches supported by simple columns appear to be original. The building was sold in 1941 and subsequently housed business and professional offices.