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First Presbyterian Church

Roselle, Union County
Church Street
founded 1868, built 1891

Roselle PresbyterianThe First Presbyterian's second church is a cruciform plan, certainly with auditorium-style seating, which was the prevalent plan in the last decades of the nineteenth century for evangelical denominations. That cruciform footprint would have been considered to "popish" by Presbyterians of an earlier generation. Flechette looks like the one on the Congregational church in Bound Brook, which it resembles in other ways. Ricord notes that this was the first church to have electric lighting, although electric lights were worked into the elaborate ribbing and tracery of the Seventh Day Baptist church in Plainfield, which was erected a year earlier.
The congregation's previous church, erected in 1868 when Roselle was still part of Linden Township, is now used as a chapel.