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First Baptist Church of Pemberton

Pemberton, Burlington County
Hanover Street
founded 1752, built 1864

Pemberton Baptist churchThe congregation was organized in 1752 and erected this substantial building in 1864. Its style should be called eclectic, a mixture pf elements from Greek Revival (the pediment), Renaissance (the pilasters, oculus and the pediment over the entrance), and the round top windows of the Romanesque tradition. The cupola has echoes of the Georgian style. It’s an interesting building, but without much architectural coherence. I do like the way the tall round-arch windows extend higher than the capitols of the pilasters, however.
     The pilasters theme is carried out along the sides of the building with recessed panels of each bay. The two-story entry is impressive. On the whole there is a Renaissance-Baroque sense to the place, particularly in the top section with the flat pediment and the oculus.
The congregation's 1843 church in town was sold to an Episcopal congregation; it still exists as Grace Church. It had served as a town chapel and for Sunday school use prior to its sale. The congregation's first church was built in 1752 near the southwest corner of the Baptist cemetery.

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