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Baptist Church at Chanceville
New Monmouth, Middletown Township, Monmouth County

The Baptist church at New Monmouth is a nicely-proportioned meetinghouse with a couple of Greek Revival elements. It was a daughter of the Baptist Church in Middletown, as it stands only about a mile due north of that congregation. The 1844 date for its founding is taken from a marble stone above the entrance to the church, but Ellis says that in 1854, members of the Baptist Church in Middletown met to plan a new church in Port Monmouth and Chanceville (now New Monmouth). They were encouraged by a previous pastor who planted churches to stand for abstinence in communities plagued with alcoholic abuse. The group observed that Port Monmouth was growing and many were “without any
other means of going to the sanctuary than the locomotive powers given them by their Creator.” Ellis sometimes got his dates wrong, so I’m using the date carved in stone





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