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Methodist Episcopal Church of Medford

Medford, Burlington County
------- Street
founded c.1815, built 1854

Medford Methodist churchThe Methodist church in Medford appears to be a simple meetinghouse with the sanctuary on the second floor so space on the ground floor could be made available for Sunday school, Bible study and other meetings that churches were then expected to provide. The entry vestibule is probably a later addition.
The small belfry and steeple was a matter of practicality—a larger one would have required heavier framing to support the additional weight. The windows were originally almost certainly of clear glass.
Woodward makes the point that “Methodism in Medford at that early day, and amidst the Society of Friends, it was a thing not thought of much less to be tolerated.” And that probably accounts for its location far from the center of town. This is the third church built by this congregation; the first was a log building and the second a frame one, erected in 1824, and this in 1854 at a cost of $4,000.

In 1868 the Methodists in Lumberton needed to replace their small church and modeled their new one after this, according to Woodward's sources.

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