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First Presbyterian Church
Long Branch, Monmouth County

Long Branch Village was a preaching station of the Shrewsbury Presbyterian church by the 1840s, and in 1846 land was purchased in expectation of building a church. Two years later, the church was erected, and served until 1855 when the congregation had presumably declined, and the building was sold and later used for a store. In 1883 several members of the Second Reformed church in town petitioned to form a Presbyterian church. That application was approved and the elders of the Second Reformed church became the elders of the First Presbyterian church.
     This is a stylish late-Gothic frame building, erected in 1883. The asymmetrical plan, with two towers of differing height, and multiple windows are characteristic of the style, which may have been drawn from one of the several plan books that were current in this era. Now encased in aluminum, it was once shingled with contrasting trim. The building has since been purchased by the Salem Baptist Church.






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