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Methodist Episcopal Church of Fieldsboro

Fieldsboro, Burlington County
Second Street
founded 1854, built c.1854

Fieldsboro Methodist churchThis is a nice example of a simple Greek Revival church. It has a strong pediment, a shallow-pitched roof, corner pilasters, and a wide cornice. It has a brick foundation, but is unfortunately clad in aluminum now, which has obscured some details. It is located on a quiet residential area, a bit distant from the center of town. That, of course, is where most early Methodist churches are to be found. Only later, when they had become the largest denomination in the state (and the country) did they begin to build in aggressively prominent locations. But that wouldn't have applied to a hamlet like Fieldsboro, in any case. It appears that Fieldsboro was once called Kinkora Station, which doesn't merit a mention in Scott's Atlas of 1876 (nor does Fieldsboro).

Curiously, there is no mention of the church in Woodward.