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Old North Reformed Church at Schraalenburgh
Dumont, Bergen County

The congregation was founded in or near Bengenfield by 1723, but by 1755 dissension within the congregation led to a rupture. This was a time of dispute between traditionalists and those who wanted the ability to ordain ministers in this country (among other things). The two parts of the Schaarlenburgh congregation decided to build separate churches by 1798, and the northen group erected this building, virtually identical to the Old South church, in 1801. It was enlarged later, and the entry wooden porch added.
      Several Reformed churches in Bergen are built to the same plan, including its twin, the Old South Reformed church, a few miles south in Bergenfield. The side view suggests the strong affinity with the basic Wren-Gibbs plan. This basic plan was used for Dutch Reformed churches from Hackensack to Marlboro to Somerville.




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