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Crystal Street Presbyterian Chapel
Dover, Morris County


On Morris Street just south of Dover lies this interesting small chapel, built in 1892. It was built by the Presbyterian church as a mission, succeeding a small Sunday School Chapel that had been erected a few score yards away a couple of years earlier. It was soon sold to people who lived in the immediate vicinity as a union chapel. The sign over the door now proclaims it a "union" place of worship, which meant a building was shared, often by Methodist, Reformed, Presbyterian and perhaps Lutheran congregations, which sometimes had a single minister, but often the building was merely available for any itinerant preacher. Union churches were especially common in the early part of the nineteenth century, but much less so in the 1890s.
     The shape of the gable end, curving the roofline into the small belfry is a most unusual feature. The design is identical to the Monroe Union Chapel, erected in Whippany two years earlier.




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