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Delanco Methodist Episcopal Church

Delanco, Burlington County
Union Avenue
founded 1855, built 1859; addition in 1902

Dobbins Methodist


In 1875 extensive repairs were made to the 1859 building, including "adding the tower and bell, finishing the basement, improving the interior, and painting the exterior." The cost of the original building in 1859 had been $1,540.40.

The large stained-glass window is probably a product of the 1902 renovation, but the tower may well date to 1875. A cursory examination on the day I took this photograph did not reveal any obvious sign of where one nineteenth-century portion ended and another began.

The congregation was formed in 1855 after the village had grown considerably since its founding ten years earlier. A series of small meeting, a revival at which a number of souls are converted, and then more meetings in a variety of places—schools, homes, commercial buildings was the usual progression to the point where a congregation is ready to build a church. That story is described in Woodward & Hageman's History.

Woodward 236-237