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Pittsgrove Baptist Church

Daretown, Salem County
founded 1771, built 1893

Baptist preaching in the area was heard as early as 1730, and the preaching station in the Pittsgrove area became a branch of the Cohansey Baptist church, which was located six miles away. A log building was replaced in 1743 by a wooden-frame church, which was used until 1844, when a brick meetinghouse was erected on the road from Woodstown to Daretown. The congregation outgrew that building and erected this large frame structure in 1893 in Daretown. The congregation was formally organized and separated from the Cohansey church in 1771.
     The tower is unusual, as is the latticework and pendants above the entrance, although the latter is typical of the late-nineteenth century, called Carpenter Gothic. The arrangement of seven windows in a cluster on the gable end is unique in the state, perhaps a product of a later renovation. In a private correspondence Barry Caselli notes that the spire is a recent addition, although it is likely a replacement for an original spire that had blown down earlier.