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Friends Meeting at Coopertown
Willingboro Township, Burlington County

Willingboro, located on a branch of the Ranconcas Creek, was named for Willingborough in England which had been the home of an early settler and the builder of the first gristmill in the county. Another early settler was William Cooper, father of James Fenimore Cooper, who also gave his name to Cooperstown, New York. The Coopertown meeting was established in 1806, about a century after the area was first settled, and the first meetinghouse built in that year, to be used by Baptists, Methodists and Quakers. The arrangement was not entirely satisfactory, so the parties withdrew and the Quakers erected a new meetinghouse in 1835. That served until 1876 when the trustees purchased land and erected the current meetinghouse on a plot adjoining their old meetinghouse.
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