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Methodist Episcopal Church of Florence

Crosswicks, Burlington County
_____ Streets
founded c.1828, built c.1850

Crosswicks - Hicksite FriendsWhen the Hicksite faction of Friends broke off in 1826, they were the majority in a number of New Jersey towns, and so took over the property. In Crosswicks, it was the Orthodox group that held the majority, so the Hicksite members built this fine brick meeting house about a block away. Quaker meetinghouses normally have two front entrances, one for men and another for women; this, like a few of the mid-nineteenth century meetinghouses, has but a single front entrance. That is also the case of the meetinghouses in Westfield and the Orthodox meetinghouse in Trenton.

The windows in the mid-nineteenth century buildings are larger than the earlier structures, with 16 over 16 panes instead of the 9 over 9 that was common.

It now houses the Chesterfield Township Historic Society.