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Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church

Cedarville, Pilesgrove Township, Salem County
Alloway-Woodstown Road
founded 1892, built 1892

This type of small frame building was erected by congregations throughout the state during much of the nineteenth century. It was easily adaptable to school or church, and was about the size of a small house. It is a two-story, gable fronted, three-bay wide building. The entrance here is a little wider than usual, but the elongated rectangular windows are found on many similar structures.
     The congregation was founded in 1892, according to the cornerstone, and I assume the church was erected soon after. Cushing notes in 1883 there was a Mt. Zion colored Methodist church in this area of the township, but I have no way of resolving the discrepancy.
     The aluminum siding is new, but the fenestration has not changed in at least 50 years.