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St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church

Burlington, Burlington County
Broad Street
founded 1849, built 1856

Burlington St PaulsThis is a deceptively small church when viewed from Broad Street, but from the side is is quite a substantial building. It has been succeeded by a very large stone edifice a couple of blocks away, and this structure is now the home of the Knights of Columbus.

There are buttresses along the sides, but there is no discernable style. That was not uncommon among the early catholic churches in small towns where there were relatively few Roman Catholics. (Burlington was not a small town, of course, but it was only in 1844 when Catholics were permitted under the state constitution to own property and exercise other civil rights.) The first Catholic church in Mount Holly, which still exists, was also built on the outskirts of town, near the railroad tracks, and offers almost an identical profile from the front. It, too, was organized in 1849. In contrast, there were apparently many more Catholics in Bordentown in 1837—almost certainly Irish workers digging the canal there, and so organized 12 years earlier. I have no photograph of their first church, but we may assume it was probably not much different than St. Paul's.

Woodward, 482-483