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unknown Church

Burlington, Burlington County
Route 543, south of Burlington
founded 18__, built 1880s

The New Hope Pentecostal Church is a small frame building on the west side of Route 543 as you head south just outside the city. There is a substantial burial ground to the rear. The sharply pointed arches over the windows are a stylized form of the Gothic arch popular in the last two decades of the nineteenth century. The open belfry is adopted from the Stick style, as is the entrance porch.

There was no cornerstone or any other clue to its previous owner, and the New Hope Pentecostal appears to be an independent entity that has recently purchased the building.

Woodward doesn't mention the church, which suggests that it was formed and erected after 1883 (although that is not conclusive evidence, as Woodward's contributors often overlook the smaller denominations on the fringes of an area.).