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Budd Lake Community Union Chapel
Budd Lake, Mt. Olive Township, Morris County


In 1870 this small frame building was erected by a union congregation, which may explain one notable feature rarely found on other churches of its size: the transept. The congregation was composed of Presbyterian, Baptist and Episcopal members, and I suspect it was the Episcopal members, which, if it could not have an articulated chancel, insisted on a means of separating clergy and laity, which it what the transept would accomplish. That's the theory, anyway; but a postcard from the 1920s shows the building without a transept, so if the Episcopals prevailed, it was only after 50 years or so.
     The land on Sand Shore Road, fronting Budd Lake, was given by the Budd family for a church and Sunday School; the church cost $3,500 to erect, which probably included the cost of pews, pulpit and other trimmings.




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